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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How does the web design process work?
After holding evaluation meetings with the brand, we make the design templates. When designing web, we pay particular attention to user-friendliness. This process continues with the presentation of the designs to the brand, the coding of the selected design, the control panel construction process and the input of the contents. While the web design is under construction, we offer the opportunity to view the site live via the demo link. While these stages continue, we ensure the hosting setups and when the site is completed, the new website is transferred to the established hosting, we publish the site.
How long does it take to design a website?
The timing of the web design project is determined by the density of the website to be built. The construction time of a simple corporate site and a website with subscription entries and different views cannot be the same. For example, the design of a corporate website takes about 2 weeks and coding / software processes for 2 weeks. In other words, your website will be published within 1 month after the agreement.
What is the differences between a template website and custom web design?
Unlike the current technology, Template / Ready web sites are leasable structures that were made simple in the previous times, did not make any claims about SEO and ADS in their infrastructure, and were made by changing only the logo, text and visuals. With Custom / Specially coded Web sites; It is a structure that is suitable for Google's current trends and includes the latest writing languages in terms of infrastructure, user experience, flow, color and technology. If the brand is doing / will be doing SEO, ADS or SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT in order for its products or services to be more demanded, and if it aims to get efficiency from it, it should definitely do so on a specially coded site. Then it is much more possible to achieve accurate results and turnover. What did they say; Old is Not New
Will the website you built be search engine friendly?
There is an optimization compliance that we apply as a standard in the Web design projects we prepare. But the concept of SEO doesn't just mean entering words on the website. Good SEO means right keywords, right practices and many more technical / tactical features that we can count. Since we can make SEO optimizations in several languages in our works, we set up the infrastructure of the websites we make when necessary, in accordance with these processes while they are still under construction.
Will my website be responsive on tablets and cell phones?
It is not possible to think of a web anymore without mobile compatibility. Because all content providers, especially Google, have been emphasizing the importance of mobile for about 8-10 years. We are doing every Web project we have done for a long time with mobile responsive coding in a way that is fully compatible with the Computer, Tablet and Phone triangle and works flawlessly. We can say that we are more than satisfied with the returns.
Are there web hosting control panels on websites?
We definitely recommend sites with a management panel. Because, over time, updating the business, changes, news and information of the brand with one click, regardless of how many languages the website is, offers the brand an advantage in terms of cost and benefit on the new website.
Do you have post-web design service?
Yes, we think it is definitely a useful service. We start to give this support to companies after their new websites go live. Maintenance, revisions, content changes etc. for the current status and healthy operation of the site. We provide unlimited service on our own websites.
Will I be able to maintain the website?
We also implement easy-to-use control panels in all new Web site projects we do. If the brand wants to manage it, it can change, delete or add almost any text, visual and news in it, without the right to change the structure of the site.
Web Sitemi Kendim Yönetebilecek miyim?
Yaptığımız tüm projelerde içeriğe göre yönetim paneli geliştirerek web sitesini yönetim panelli olarak hizmete açıyoruz. Böylelikle kullanıcı web sitesi üzerinde istediği zaman bize ihtiyaç duymadan güncelleme yapabilir. Eğer müşterimiz web sitesi ile ilgili güncellemeleri bizim takip etmemizi istiyorsa yine yazdığımız bu yönetim paneli sayesinde web sitesinin gerekli güncellemelerini ajans olarak bizler takip edebiliyoruz.
How do you approach the SEO process?
SEO process and studies vary according to the level of competition.It should not be forgotten that these studies provide results when done correctly and continuously. They are not static, they never end. The site should be optimized by making updates and following new developments. Our company makes an agreement within a 12-month process.
How is SEO ranking calculated?
SEO prices may vary depending on the level of competition. After analyzing your site and your competitors, you can be sure that we will offer you the best price offer.
How often does SEO need to be done?
You don't need to do it again unless there is a regression for keywords and sites with low search volume. As mentioned, search engines always update their algorithms to provide the best results. As a result, search engines are constantly fluctuating and changing. For medium and difficult competition work, you need to do SEO work again.
Why is SEO service necessary?
  • Search engines work within a certain algorithm. Sites that are suitable for these algorithms are included in the rankings, but the algorithms are constantly changing, so up-to-date SEO work must be done
  • To get traffic from search engines, you need to rank high. The formula for getting higher ranks is SEO. You can find more information in our What is SEO article.
  • SEO is search engine optimization. It likes sites that increase the user experience in search engines and satisfy the users. While climbing to the top with SEO, you have done studies that will increase the user experience
How many people are in your team?
We have 15 teammates in our office and are supported by 30 online experts.
Do you provide software support?
  • Our software team offers software support to our customers if available.
  • In periods when our software team is not suitable, the software companies we have contracts offer the software support that our customers need as freelance.
  • Our software team usually performs On-Page SEO optimizations.
Do you provide content support?
  • While doing SEO work, the content your site needs is determined and prepared by our editorial team.
  • We do not provide services for content that is not intended for SEO, but if our customers request, they can get extra services from our contracted content editors.
Do you provide visual support?
  • If visuals are needed while doing our SEO work, our graphic team meets the needs.
Do you do competitor SEO analysis?
In all the services provided, sector and competitor SEO analysis is made primarily.
Why should I work with you?
  • All our work is carried out step by step by reporting to our customers.
  • By using organic SEO methods, we ensure that rankings are achieved naturally and permanently.
  • Our services are done to achieve the best results. Like other companies, your work will not be stopped after you reach the first page. We continue to work for the highest possible rank.
How often do you perform Technical Website Crawls for SEO?
  • We follow the press releases of search engines and updated information from numerous foreign sources.
  • Our team is constantly experimenting with SEO to analyze algorithms. Thus, which method is still working and which one is more efficient is constantly checked by our team and new methods are developed.
Do you offer guaranteed placement on SEO results?
We work diligently by targeting the first rank for each brand we take. However, no SEO agency can guarantee pages or rankings.
How long does SEO take to work?
  • It takes about 2 months to start seeing results. 4 months is generally a good time frame to see notable results from SEO.
Does advertising make a difference to my business?
The shortest answer for this question is a definite “yes”. It would not be a wrong expression to describe your website as ‘ your online store’. From this point of view, it is inevitable that you should promote the products or services you sell in this channel in any way. When all advertising channels are compared, Google Ads allow you to reach the target audiences directly. It services small and medium business accounts.
What should I do to advertise?
It wıll be suffıcıent for you to decıde on three ıssues related to your commercıal goals.

- Which products or services do I want to highlight?
– What kind of audience do my products or servıces appeal to?
– How much can I budget for Ads?

When you decide on these issues and reach us our sales representatives will suggest the most appropriate advertising strategies to you and will guide you about an effective advertising plan. In this way, our customers do not have to make extra effort and waste time, which is one of the most important factors in choosing us.
Is it possible to advertise without a website?
Yes, it is. Basically, Google ads display related websites according to the search. However, if you do not have a website, we can execute your ads by ensuring that your pages in other social media networks are displayed at the top of Google searches, we can advertise your products on e-commerce websites (such as to increase your sales.

In this case, when your target audience clicks on your ads, they will be directed to the page of your relevant social media account or your pages on online shopping sites.

In addition, we can run not only Google Ads, but also Facebook and other social media network ads, which are equally effective without a website. For this, it is enough to have an account in the relevant network and a like page.

In this way, it is possible for you to carry out a highly effective advertising plan. It can be a smarter strategy to advertise primarily on such social networks.
How much will I pay for each ad click?
There is no fixed fee for this, it depends entirely on your budget and your expectations from the ads. The duration or position order of your ad is determined according to your budget. If you start the plan with a high budget, we may have a chance to move your ad to the top ranks by giving the highest costs per click. However, we do not aim to be in the top ranks, but with our budget, we aim to extend the duration of your ad for a maximum of time. When you contact us and meet with our customer representatives, they will present a budget proposal, taking into account your expectations, conditions, industry, products or services.
How much will I be charged for each click?
This figure is entirely up to your preference. Cost-per-click (CPC) is calculated by dividing the cost of a paid advertising campaign by the number of clicks. If you do not have a special request, we start to advertise with cost-per-click, by evaluating the sectoral averages and data of the last 12 months, so that you will be in the top positions on the first page. When you have a request to rank higher, you can get service from us or, you can see the cost per click that you pay for each keyword through the Google Ads research, and increase your bids.
How long will my ad be in review?
This does not have a standard duration, it will vary depending on how much you choose to spend (cost per click) on each click and the clicks you get. When users click on your ads, your total budget is slightly reduced. How long your total budget will last is up to your requirements like how you want your ad to be published and how many users click on your ad.

You can limit the dates and times your ads will be published, stop or restart them whenever you want, and control how long your ad will last as you wish by setting daily budget limits for your expenses.
How do I determine ad positioning? How can I change it?
We create corporate account for you to track your advertising campaign. By logging in to this account with your username and password, you can follow all your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, budgets, clicks and all the details about your ad work. You can set your ad position for keywords by changing or adjusting the cost of clicking per keyword, or our customer representative can support and direct you.
Why is Social Media Consulting service important?
Brands want to sell their services and products more. In this case social media agencies play an important role.

Corporate Social Media Account Management has become extremely important in brand communication in today’s world.

Brands have been spending money in various media for years to market their products and services, and they cannot measure one hundred percent.

With social media management, they can reach the target audience at affordable costs, and they can reflect the benefit-cost concept in their accounts to their marketing targets by measuring the benefit-cost concept 100 percent.
What is the relationship between Social Media Consulting and SEO?
The first goal of agencies which manage social media is to increase customer- brand interaction. A similar concept is SEO. SEO optimization is similar to Social Media Agency services, with the goals of ranking higher in Google and increasing the visitors of the web page. The visitor reaches the social media accounts or the social media visitor is directed to the website, the two work together interdependently.
What is Social Media Consulting?
Social Media consultancy is the job of the companies to manage their social media accounts with a professional language, flow, and fiction. Regardless of the product or service, in order to create the right brand perception, social media agencies take over the brand’s accounts and create a new strategy, visual and text communication language to manage the account according to the calendar. The correct management of the account is provided by the cooperation of designers, copywriters and social media managers within many social media agencies such as moderation language, preparation of visual and video content, sharing frequency and punctuality. It is not correct to expect a complete result from a single person for the correct operation of this system. Success comes when three or four different departments dedicated to this issue and work in cooperation in a social media agency.
What kind of advantages does Social Media Management offer you?
Social Media Management creates an opportunity to take your business to the next level. When this opportunity is used correctly through agencies, confidence in the product or service can establish easily. Social Media Management is an extremely important pre-communication platform that prepares the consumer. Mismanagement does nor provide any of these benefits, and creates a negative perception in the minds of consumers. For this reason, it will be the right thing to take advice from professional Social Media Management agencies.

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