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Şöhret PakişDirector of Marketing & Communications

Betül ALAŞ

Ercan TAVUKÇUMarketing Manager


Erdem ERGÜNMarketing Manager

Yusuf AZOZ

Şehnaz YABAR

Velit CAN

Hande ÖzarasMarketing and Business Development Manager

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Aydın ALTUNBusiness Development and Product Management Director

We are the exclusive distributor of the Ericsson-LG Corporate products in Turkey. We would like to express our appreciation to TAXIMPRO Chairman, Mr. İlker Tulunay and his team for enabling our website to have a corporate identity; which is the most important part of advertising in the communication field. We also would like to thank them for completing/creating successful advertising films for our product. We will be pleased to work with them again in the future on many successful projects.

Aybike DURNABusiness Development and Project Manager

Since the day we have signed a service agreement with TAXIMPRO for our creative design and e-mail marketing needs, they have continued to impress us with their work ethic and quality. We even got congratulated by our head office in Germany. We will continue to work with TAXIMPRO in future projects. Thank you Mr. İlker Tulunay and the TAXIMPRO team.

Mustafa Can GİDER

Selin SIRERMarketing & Commercial Communications Manager

As SKYTURK, we are always pleased to work with TAXIMPRO for all our corporate printing needs. We work in a time sensitive industry where punctuality means everything. As our solution partner, they always deliver on-time, high quality work. If we were to describe TAXIMPRO with a few words, we would say “creativity, speed, respect”.

Ömer BÜYÜKHANLIChairman of the Board

Our company operates in the fields of construction and tourism. I sincerely thank and wish continued success to Mr. Emrah Düzer and TAXIMPRO Chairman Mr. İlker Tulunay for their extensive care and attention during the design of our new Responsive Corporate Website. They have not only met all our expectations, but have surpassed them at the expense of their own private time.

Suna KOÇMarketing & Corporate Communications Manager

CEVA is a global supply chain management company. We partnered with TAXIMPRO for a promo shoot. We loved working with İlker Tulunay and the TAXIMPRO crew. We look forward to future partnerships.

Sedat PEKELBandırma Mayor

We would like to thank the TAXIMPRO team for bringing our Municipality Website to a contemporary and modern level that is consistent with our corporate identity. This was very important for us in order to provide information about our municipality’s public services. We wish to work with the TAXIMPRO team for our future corporate projects.

Sema MUSELLİMWescoo Porcelain Tiles

After searching thoroughly for an agency, we decided to work with the TAXIMPRO for the design of our new corporate web site. We had a great deal of satisfaction with the result, thanks to the talented and capable team at TAXIMPRO. Thank you Mr. İlker Tulunay.

Kaan YAZGANSales & Marketing Manager

A sincere thank you from the heart…I would like to thank Mr. İlker Tulunay and the TAXIMPRO team for the excellent job they have done with our responsive corporate website and the management of our social media accounts. Their level of service and availability when it matters are exceptional.

Merve KINIKCorporate Communication & Brand Director

TAXIMPRO is an agency that produces success. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of the team for their successful, creative designs ideas, SEO and Google AdWords Management services. It will be our pleasure to collaborate with them again for the future projects.

Ertan TURNAND Group Asc. General Coordinator

As ND Group, we wanted to create Ecocold, a fresh and dynamic brand, with an agency with similar traits. We had excellent harmony with TAXIMPRO. We would like to thank Mr. İlker Tulunay and his talented team for the excellent job they have done with our responsive web design, SEO management and catalog design.

Sema MUSELLİMDecus Living Store

After all the positive feedback we have received about our first website, “Wescoo”, we decided to work with TAXIMPRO for the design of our new concept store Decus Living Store’s corporate website. Since they had previous experience working with us, our 2nd project was completed on an even shorter time. At the moment, TAXIMPRO is also handling our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing and creative design service provider. We are very happy with the results we are getting. On behalf of our company, I would like to thank Mr. İlker Tulunay and the whole TAXIMPRO team for their disciplined and polished work. I’m certain we will accomplish a lot together for many years to come…


At Turqua, we firmly believe that only a high quality design process produces high quality results and with TAXIMPRO, we have found just our match. Since the day we have started working with them, they have always had a knack for understanding exactly what we want and meshing it with their creative touch. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a team of animal loving, guitar playing, talented individuals. We hope to work with them for many years to come.

Serap ÖZDEMİRBandırma Chamber of Commerce – General Secretary

We would like to thank TAXIMPRO for designing a modern, sleek and easy to use corporate website that matches our corporate identity. For us, our website and newsletter are the most important channels to present our chamber and member services. Even though we have met Taximpro through references, they have delivered excellent work. We hope to work with TAXIMPRO again for all our future media needs.

Durmuş KURTExecutive Board Member

We have been working with TAXIMPRO for our many different advertising needs, such as corporate identity design, catalogs, websites, corporate promos and 3D production modeling. We have always been grateful for the service of the Mr. İlker Tulunay and his team. The new image they brought to our company contributed our progress and we have had a lot of positive feedback, both nationally and internationally. We would like to continue with the TAXIMPRO for our projects in the future as well. We would like to thank the whole Taximpro team for their exertion.

A. Nihat ÜNERAdministrative Director

We live in an age where it’s extremely important to differentiate yourself from your competition in the medical field. We have met TAXIMPRO in such conditions, during our video promo shoot. With their vision, creativity and dedication to quality, they have become like family to us. We look forward to working with them for many years to come

Tamer KARACAGeneral Director

At Mimarte Design Applications, we have always had pleasure working with TAXIMPRO. We believe that they became a part of our team because of their responsible work ethic, which has helped strengthen us as a company. The more we witness their broad vision, the more we understand how much we need them. I would like to thank my dear friend Mr. İlker Tulunay and the whole TAXIMPRO team for the projects that we have done together. They have all been success stories thanks to their great attention and meticulous work. We wish them continued success.


As CVS family, we have partnered with Mr. İlker Tulunay and TAXIMPRO for all our catalog, brochure, corporate website, 3D animation movie needs and exhibition preparations. With their commitment to producing high quality work and on time delivery (which is crucial for our business), we are certain that we will keep working together for many years to come.

Gözde YORGUNExecutive Board Member

As Alkoman, we would like to thank Mr. İlker Tulunay and the TAXIMPRO team for the web site and general creative design support that they provide us. We would like to continue benefiting from their knowledge and experience that created the actual identity of our brand in the digital world.

Sait BURNAZGeneral Manager

As KDE Marine, we have been working with TAXIMPRO for all our advertisement, catalog and sponsorship needs, since 2008. Their commitment to their work, expert creative team and “customer first” professional approach set them apart from their competition. We look forward to continued success with TAXIMPRO for many years to come.

M.Kemal BESKINGeneral Coordinator

As ADL Motors, we are pleased to work with TAXIMPRO. We appreciate their expertise on Web Design, Corporate Identity Design and Advertisement Design. They have had a lot of creative ideas that they brought to life with great success and confidence. I would like to thank Chairman Mr. İlker TULUNAY and all TAXIMPRO team personally for their devoted work.

Hayrettin BEŞCANLARGeneral Manager

My dear friend Mr. İlker Tulunay and his team at TAXIMPRO is our Launch solution provider. With his high energy, integrity and attention to detail, I’m sure he will accomplish a lot of success in years to come. As Mukarnas Spa & Resort, we are very happy with our partnership and look forward to working together in the future.

Özkan PEKGÜZELFounder

Selin NURLUConsultant